Thursday, October 29, 2015

Book Review: A Faeries Secret by Rachel Morgan

“I know the evil that exists. I know the terrible things people do to each other. I’ve lived it. I’ve survived it. But just because I’ve seen the palette of dark colors doesn’t mean I have to paint the rest of my world that way. I can choose the bright colors instead. I can see them, paint them, draw them, surround myself with them like a loud, glorious song drowning out all the darkness in the world.” 
- A Faeries Secret, Rachel Morgan

{If you haven't read the first three books then this review will contain spoilers. Check out my review for the third book here}

The fourth book in the series is one of my favorites. Absolutely loved it. I thought I wasn't going to enjoy it since Violet and Ryn weren't the main characters but I think I might actually enjoy Calla more.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Calla Larkenwood wants nothing more than to be a guardian, but her overprotective mother has never allowed it. When circumstances change and Calla finally gets to join a Guild, she discovers guardian trainee life isn’t all she hoped it would be. Her classmates are distant, her mentor hates her, and keeping her Griffin Ability a secret is harder than she thought. Then an initiation game goes wrong, landing Calla with a magical ability she can’t control. She needs help—and the only way she can get it is by bargaining with the guy who just discovered her biggest secret. 

Join beloved characters and new heroes as the bestselling Creepy Hollow series continues.

Diving back into the Fae world with a different set of main characters was a little confusing at first but after a couple of pages I was hooked. Actually I came to enjoy Calla more then I ever enjoyed Violet. I think maybe that was because Calla wasn't quite so good as Violet. Everything seemed to work out for Violet but Calla seemed to have a bit more trouble with her life and that made her a more interesting character.

With that said I did fangirl when Ryn and Violet showed back up. Seriously if you have read the first three books and liked them (*cough, cough* LOVED THEM) then you must read this book. Ten years later and where are Ryn and Violet at this point in their lives? Just go read it please and then we can fangirl together.

Calla is a fighter. She wants nothing more than to go to the Guild and train to be a guardian. She secretly trains for years, and then once her parents agree she takes four years of training and testing in a few weeks. But of course she gets a nasty trainer and mean students who give her an impossible initiation. And when that goes wrong she meets Chase. 

I loved Ryn in the fist three books (if you read my reviews for the first three then you know this) but Chase came out on top.  Hes secretive but at the same time he genuinely cares for Calla. When she gets into trouble hes there to help her get through it.And that ending?! Just wow okay? Wow.

I loved how Rachel brought in some of the old characters and gave them a twist. Of course Calla was there for the first book, but shes all grown up and doesn't need her overprotective older brother there to tell her what to do thank you very much. 

The story is a fresh look into the Fae world and I loved every second of it. If you enjoyed the first three then you need to go get your copy now. 

My Rating: 4/5 Stars
Author: Rachel Morgan
Genre: Fantasy
Published: June 16, 2015

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