Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Book Review: The Faerie War by Rachel Morgan

"I have every right to make you suffer like you made me suffer. All of this--everything--is your fault. You started it. You saved my life and brought me into this world when you should have just let me die. Instead, the faerie world was revealed to me and all the power hidden within me was unlocked. And I didn't know what to do with it. I was lost and afraid and you rejected me. All I wanted was your forgiveness, Vi, but you couldn't give me that. I apologized for something I tried my best to stop, and you threw it back in my face."
- The Faerie War, Rachel Morgan

{If you haven't read the first and second book in the series then this post will contain spoilers. Check out my review for the first book here and the second book here}

I feel like Rachel Morgan took my heart, ripped it out, did a little evil dance on top of it, and then tried to stitch it back in, but did it wrong. Yep. Now read this review and and then go and grab a copy of the book.

Goodreads Synopsis:

Violet Fairdale is in big trouble. Her home is gone, her beloved forest lies in ruins, the guy she gave her heart to has deserted her—and she doesn’t remember any of it. The powerful Lord Draven is taking over, brainwashing guardians into fighting for him. No one is safe from the evil spreading throughout the fae world.

As alliances are forged between the remaining free fae, Vi struggles to reclaim her identity and figure out where she belongs in this new world. When someone from her past shows up, life gets even more complicated. He brings with him a long-forgotten weapon and an ancient prophecy that places Vi at the center of the fight against Draven. With the future of the fae world at stake, can Vi carry out the prophecy’s instructions before it’s too late?

I could have killed Violet. Why do this to us?! Its infuriating that she has no idea who she is or what exactly happened to her and the world around her. The only good thing about this was seeing her fall in love with Ryn all over again.

I liked how we got to see what Ryn was up to. The reason why he left Creepy Hollow and didn't tell Violet. His worry for Violet when he learns what happened and then his heartbreak when he realizes that she has no idea who he is. I loved when he would tell her about their past. He was honest about everything that had happened between them. He never pushed her to remember and he was always there to help her when she was lost. It was nice seeing a more vulnerable Violet.

I loved all the new characters that came into the story. Em, Tilly, and Jamon being my favorites. Tilly honestly just made me laugh. Like oh you want me to leave my family and fight with you? Okay let me go grab my stuff.

The ending was bittersweet. It all happened really fast. There was a ton of build up and then it was just over. I wish we could have left off on a happier note but I can see why it ended the way it did. 

This book is amazingly written. Seeing everything come together from the last two books was great. Rachel Morgan weaves such a good story and it makes me want to cry. 

Thanks for reading my review!

My Rating: 3/5 Stars
Author: Rachel Morgan
Genre: Fantasy
Published: October 2013

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