Friday, October 23, 2015

Book Review: The Faerie Guardian by Rachel Morgan

“Creepy Hollow?” He snorts. “Like Sleepy Hollow?”
“No, like Creepy Hollow. It has nothing to do with sleeping.” 
- The Faerie Guardian, Rachel Morgan

So after reading all five books in this series in a little over a week I'm in shock.  Seriously though what the heck just happened.  This series is so different from everything I've read recently and it. Was. Amazing.

Violet is one of the best guardian faeries in training and with graduation coming up shes completely focused and in the zone.  That is until one of her assignments decides to follow her back to the Fae realm.

When Ryn, Violets rival sees her with Nate he immediately tells the Guild.  Facing expulsion, Violet starts on a journey across the Fae realm to return Nate to his human home.  Easy enough for the Guilds top student.  That is until they're ambushed by evil Faeries, encounter a strange metal that can stop magic, and Nate's estranged mother shows up.

With first love in the air and an evil faerie hunting her Violet starts searching for answers.  Special powers, betrayal, and an old friendship gone wrong are only a part of the ride.  Whats happening in Creepy Hollow and can Violet stop it before everything she loves disappears?

As a little girl I had a fascination with all things magical and as a teen that's turned into a love for fantasy.  This book didn't leave my craving for magic unfilled.  Rachel Morgan takes the old idea of Faeries and turns it into a new and unique world full of twists and turns that leave you begging for more.

Rachel Morgan has some of the best characters I've read about. She brings them to life and uses thm to give you the most excruciating feelings.

 Violets a kick butt heroine with a closed off attitude.  Her goal in life is to graduate at the top of her class just like her mom did. Shes had a rough life and it shows in her character. I love how she hates the color purple but everyone gives her purple gifts. The way she opens up to Nate and shows her true self is so sweet.

Nate starts out as one of the most lovable characters out there.  He has no idea that there are fairies and his lack of understanding just makes his character so much more funny. The way he refers to Violet as "Lara Croft" gives you an idea of how he sees her. His wonder at the Fae world is adorable.

Violet's rival Ryn has some issues and he quickly gets under your skin.  His character development throughout the book is amazing.  Hes a jerk and has lot of bad history with Violet, but hes ready to put that aside for family. I love how we get to see what happened between Violet and him as the book progresses.

I highly recommend this book to all the fantasy lovers out there.  I suggest that you get all the books and binge read them with a box of tissues and a cup of tea.

Hope you enjoyed this review.  Thanks for reading!


My Rating: 3/5 Stars
Author: Rachel Morgan
Genre: Fantasy
Published: October 27,2012

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