Monday, October 26, 2015

Book Review: The Faerie Prince by Rachel Morgan

“I love the fact that I've know you all my life. It just feels right when you're beside me. It feels like I've been lost in the desert for years, and ... I've finally come home.”  
- The Faerie Prince, Rachel Morgan

{If you have not read the first book, The Faerie Guardian then this post will contain spoilers. Check out my review for the first book here}

I finished the first book a little sad. I finished the second book with a giant hole where my heart should have been. Rachel Morgan completely destroyed me. But in a good way. 

Burying her broken heart deep inside of her, Violet puts here complete focus on graduation. Her lifelong goal has been to graduate at the top of her class, and bringing Nate into the Fae realm has put her behind. 

When she receives her final assignment shes positive she'll finish with top marks. Until she finds out who her assignment partner is. Her ex-friend turned enemy now ex-enemy sort of friend, Ryn. 

Ryn's a great fighter and all but their "friend" status is still new and awkward. Anything could set off the need to kill each other again. But Violets determined to finish as the head of her class and heads off with Ryn to make her dream come true.

 But with a crazy Unseelie Prince still on the lose, collecting talented faeries, and hunting Violet things quickly take a turn for the worst. Throw in a couple magical storms, a faerie queen, a broken heart on the mend, and a murder within the Guild and Violets set for the biggest fight yet. 

I think its safe to say that this book is crazy.  Rachel Morgan takes us on a crazy ride and makes us question everything we learned in the first book. Everything starts to connect and we begin to see the big picture but with some of the pieces missing its so frustrating! All I wanted was for Violet to realize were her heart belongs and for Nate to go find a little card board box to live in.  But no! We have to save the world first. Stupid heroes. 

Creepy Hollow is definitely one of my favorite fictional worlds. One of my favorite parts was the Unseelie court.  Rachel Morgan puts everything into such detail you feel like you've been there before. Oh and mermaids? Yes please. 

If you enjoyed the first book then you'll probably love this one. I definitely liked it more then the first one. And no it didn't have anything to do with the change in Ryn and Violets relationship:)

My Rating: 4/5 Stars
Author: Rachel Morgan
Genre: Fantasy
Published: May 30, 2013

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