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You want me to review your book? I'd love to but first I have a few requirements. Please read through the post below before emailing me with requests.

When you email me please include your books synopsis, and the date it was published (If it's an ARC include the date it will be published). If you have a date you'd like the review to be up by please let me know in the email. I will let you know if I can commit to it. Most weeks I have a stack of reviews copies to read so please be patient while waiting for your review. You will be notified as soon as your review is up on my blog.

All reviews will contain my honest opinion. It may contain some negative comments but I will not beat up on your book. I like to keep it classy and honest. Please understand that I will not write a five star review just because you sent me the book. It is important to me that my readers know my honest opinion.

Quick list of thing I will do:

  • I will accept ARC (Advanced Readers Copies).
  • Be a part of review tours
  • If you need someone to do a cover reveal I'd love to 
  • I'd love to be a part of your street team
  • Giveaways, author interviews, etc. 
Quick list of things I won't do;

  • Accept a digital version of your book. Unless it is the only form of ARC you have then of course I will. 

If you're still interested of requesting a review then go ahead and send me an email at:

Thanks for being patient and reading through this. You can check out the rest of my social media accounts below!

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