Monday, April 11, 2016

Book Box Review: Muse Monthly

When Muse Monthly contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in reviewing their box that month I was ecstatic. They had teamed up with V. E. Schwab to bring together an exclusive box of goodies.

What Was In The Box:

  • Tea (Is that angels singing?)

I opened this box while in the kitchen and as soon as I id my mom and I looked at each other an asked the other if they smelled chocolate. We both happen to be passionate chocolate lovers and pulling out this adorable tin of chocolate infused tea made me extremely happy. Its from Mr. Trombly's Tea and its called A Mid Winter Night's Dream. You can tap here to find their website.

  • Four Postcards With art by the Fab Victoria Ying

These four postcard have detailed drawings on the front of four of the characters form the series. The back has their name, Element[s], and a brief description of that character. I adore the art on the front and if you want to check out more by this artist click here .

  • A Bookmark 
Am I the only one who is obsessed with bookmarks? Its got the city sky line on it and will be the perfect bookmark to use while reading the book! I'm weird like that. I like to use a bookmark that goes with the book. Is it only me??

  • An ARC of A Gathering of Shadows
The first two hundred subscribers got a signed copy of the book. Sadly there were two hundred people before me and I got an ARC. Which is pretty much just as good to me. Maybe one day I'll meet V. E. Schwab and get it signed. Check out the Goodreads synopsis for A Gathering of Shadows here.

I've gotten a lot of bookish themed boxes the last six months and my favorite kinds are the ones that are basically the readers afternoon in a box on their doorstep. With a book, tea, and a bookmark I'm set up for a perfect afternoon of reading.

If you're interested in receiving one of Muse Monthly's boxes check out their website here. Thanks again to Muse Monthly for sending me a book and to everyone who is reading this review I definitely suggest you grab one.

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