Saturday, December 5, 2015

Book Review: Unborn by Daniel Gage

"He could see everything in his mind's eye. Every potential path an action could take long before it began, where every flicker of fire could go, and where it would be extinguished. Even color seemed to fade as Zeke's arm traveled through the air, small flames flickering from his fist."
- Unborn, Daniel Gage

When Rachel and Vanquish books offered to send me a copy of this book in exchange for a review I was intrigued. The idea for the book is very unique and I knew immediately I wanted to read it. It didn't disappoint. The world of dealers and unborns is packed full of adventure and just the right amount of suspense.

Goodreads Synopsis:

"It's nothing personal. You're just part of the transaction." 

Cameron Briggs always wondered what the strange birthmark on his shoulder meant. For his entire life, it seemed he was never meant to be anything special, that is, until the day it happened. Something dormant inside of him awoke. 

In the near future, birthright theft is on the rise, a vast network of dealers offering desperate buyers the chance to steal a more desirable next life. Their power and influence is absolute, with little standing in their way. However, unexpected anomalies in the process endow unique abilities to their victims who, once identified, are offered one chance - to save our world or destroy it, one Unborn child at a time. 

With the truth shrouded in conspiracy, Emma Jennings, a troubled but strong-minded young agent with a defiant reputation, is determined to prove these crimes exist. But in order to accomplish her goal, she'll need to find the one victim who can turn the tide of her war. 

Our main female character is the  strong,  independent woman, Emma Jennings.  Shes one of the head agents at an agency researching the second life dealers. I loved how we got to see more of Emma's life as the book moved on. Emma had a tough time growing up ad her focus is on her work. Shes strong and can take a hit. Shes also willing to protect the innocent unborns and take on foes much bigger than herself. Seeing her friendship with Cameron grow throughout the story was really sweet. I loved how Cameron and her were so uncomplicated and knew exactly how to deal with each other.

Now the dealers are just despicable. When I finally figured out how the whole second life thing worked I was disgusted. And I think that's what the author was wanting. Dealer X especially got on my nerves. Hes the all powerful leader and the way he talks and acts just gets under my skin. He was just so untouched by Emma and everything she threw at him. I have a lot of questions about him that need answered please. 

This book was so packed with action. I've read so many books with fight scenes but Daniel Gage takes the cake (is that how that expression goes...?). I found myself holding me breath during fight scenes. They were just so well written and I loved it! And all the unique abilities were fun. It added some really neat surprises to the book. 

The way Daniel Gage wrote the book was really interesting. He mainly wrote from Emma and Cameron's point of view but we also got to see from a lot of other characters. It definitely added a unique feel to the book Most times when an author does this you get confused about who the character is but the changes are all very distinct. It helped with a lot of questions I had but it created a whole new set of them. I really need book two...

I suggest this book to anyone who loves action and/or suspense. This book definitely kept me on my toes with all the crazy twists. 

My Rating: 4/5 Stars
Author: Daniel Gage
Genre: Action/Thriller
Published: August 15, 2015

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